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Secure Your Company Behind the Shield

We’ve worked diligently to push Tcom Solutions forward, taking its place among the best cyber security companies, and we utilize only the top products and services within the cyber security industry for Secure Cyber Shield™.

For the Shield, we vet every single product, every service, and every partner, carefully selecting and testing each one before seamlessly integrating them all to deliver the ultimate cyber security for your business.

Secure Cyber Shield™ is a one-of-a-kind service offering, combining Cyber Security as a Service, Compliance as a Service, and the appropriate Cyber Insurance plan as well.

How can you implement the proper Cyber Security Protection and ensure you are adhering to the NIST Cyber Security Framework? 

Easy. Welcome to the Shield.

Protection & Security

Cyber attacks are no joke. Indeed, looking at the latest cyber attacks statistics show just how serious a threat they truly are to businesses everywhere.

With Secure Cyber Shield™, you’ll leverage the NIST Cyber Security Framework of Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond & Recover to create and implement a well-operating security posture, successfully managing your cybersecurity risk.

When your company has a strong sense of network security and an effective incident response plan too, it’s much more prepared for preventing and mitigating cyber-attacks.

NIST CSF Compliance Management

An industry recognized gold-standard in itself, the NIST CSF also serves as the foundation for multiple industry-specific frameworks.

The NYDFS 23 NYCRR 500 regulation for New York financial service organizations, the Department of Defense DFARS mandate for contractors, and the insurance industry’s Model Law that’s already being adopted by multiple states, all derive their framework and approach from the NIST CSF.

Whether linked directly or indirectly to the CSF, adopting the backbone framework allows security teams to focus on any points of difference when a new regulation arises, rather than reactively scrambling whenever a new state-specific or industry-specific compliance requirement is enacted.

Risk Transfer Management

A prudent cyber security program starts by comprehensively quantifying the risk, developing cyber security measures commensurate with the risks, and transferring or managing risk with cyber insurance.

It’s also critical that cyber security be seen as a problem impacting the entire organization, not just the IT department. Actively involving senior management and the board of directors in key decision-making and budgeting can set the proper tone for everyone.

Tcom Solutions brings it all together with Secure Cyber Shield™. Contact us today to get started.