Compliance on Every Level Your Business Requires

We do know it’s an ongoing and very time-consuming process to not only achieve compliance, but to maintain it as well.

Here at Tcom, we help protect your business and guide you through achieving and then maintaining compliance through one of our  elite partners.

In Compliance, there has to be an easier and better way to manage all of the policies, their related procedures, audit evidence and approvals collected in the service of regular audits against the myriad compliance frameworks you have to manage for your company.

Our partners offer a purpose-built tool to manage Policy & Procedures and easily map them back to all the necessary regulatory controls and compliance frameworks in use in any organization today.

An Important Tool for Simplifying Compliance

The tool and the overall platform provides an organized and easy to use place to write and store all of a companies policies and procedures in one place, as opposed to storing them in a hard to use and view location such as Google Drive or Sharepoint, and then trying to link it all together using Excel sheets or Google Sheets links in order to understand the relationship between policies and procedures and how they map back to controls the organization must adhere to.

On top of the clear mapping between Frameworks, Policies and Procedures, the platform provides one central organized place to gather and present all evidence necessary to present to auditors during an audit.

The platform does an excellent job of taking stand alone linear information such as documents, and tying them intelligently together into relational elements which allows its users to map all items required for an audit together – From Policy to Procedure to Evidences and Controls.

From a robust built in Word Processor, and versioning as well as workflows and the tracking of all approvals, the platform has everything you need to manage all of this data clearly and easily.

Discover All Your Compliance Options

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