Contact Center Solutions for Your Business

What is CCaaS?

The term CCaaS stands for Contact Center as a Service. You may also hear the term hosted contact center used synonymously.

It’s a cloud offering that provides the essential capabilities required to route inbound customer interactions to the appropriate call center agent, including the following:

Automatic Contact Distributor (ACD) – The ACD is a skills-based routing engine that manages a universal queue for messaging, social, voice, and self-service artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot interactions.

It also provides a consolidated omni-channel agent desktop with customer context, and a drag-and-drop application for designing contact flows.

Agents are assigned skills based on their training and expertise, then the ACD routes interactions directly to them, ensuring an optimal customer experience.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – IVR is an interactive menu that lets callers choose the type of help they need, by speaking options aloud or pressing a number.

Callers frequently will opt for self-service for basic issues such as paying a bill or account queries, and the IVR system facilitates these seamless interactions.

When the IVR system is integrated with the ACD, they share data between them, granting additional functionality and efficiency.

Outbound Software / Predictive Dialer – Contact centers can handle inbound customer interactions (inbound call center) and provide agents the outbound software, known as a predictive dialer, that’s needed to conduct proactive outreach to customers (outbound call center).

Modern predictive dialers can help sales and customer service agents achieve a higher connect rate and eliminate the awkward pause common among outbound software solutions.

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Do I Really Need a Contact Center Solution?

Implementing a contact center solution ensures your customers receive a great experience every time they call.

But how do you choose which one? With hundreds of solutions on the market, Tcom Solutions can help you find the perfect choice for your organization.