Defend Your Company with True Cyber Resilience

We built Tcom Defender™ to ensure every small business can afford to implement a strong, enterprise level Cyber Security solution, providing protection beyond just simple antivirus programs and firewalls.

Most small businesses are usually protected by only the basics, typically just a signature-based antivirus… and maybe a few put a firewall in place.

Unfortunately, there simply aren’t enough to protect you in today’s threat-rich environment.

Tcom Defender™ adds multiple layers of Cyber Security by leveraging a diverse suite of security tools and training, and also aligns your Cyber Security program with the proper Cyber Insurance protection as well.

This approach, along with important, professional advice on relevant IT services, creates true Cyber Resiliency for your organization.

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Signature Based Anti-Virus

· Protects devices against known infections
· Applies a virus dictionary which identifies known malware (e.g. Viruses, worms, etc.).
· Allows for file and directory scanning, primarily detects, blocks, and quarantines known malware.


· Protect networks against unauthorized access.
· Controls network traffic in/out of the network, provides network segmentation and/or VPN access.
· Blocks traffic that doesn’t meet programmed security criteria.
· Includes auxiliary features which may provide Wi-Fi access, intrusion detection, and/or spam controls.

Even together, these leave many organizations with major gaps in protection, and together do not provide customers with a true, affordable Cyber Resilience program.
Tcom Defender was created to fill those gaps.
Tcom Defender™:
· AI Enabled Endpoint Detection & Response
· Advanced Threat Detection, Host Intrusion Protection & DNS Protection
· Active Threat Hunting Security Platform
· Cloud Based Email Security & Phishing Protection
· MDR/XDR services are monitored 24×7 by 3 unique security operations teams in the United States. (3 total SOC’S)
In addition to that you also get:
· Cyber Security Awareness Training for all of your employees that present bite size, engaging content to continuously train
· Automated Phishing Simulations that allow you to test and train your employees with realistic email attacks and point-of-failure training.
· Dark Web Password Scans to identify compromised credentials found on the Dark Web.
· Monthly Website Vulnerability Scans that provide continuous checks of your publicly facing website for hacks, gaps and vulnerabilities
· NIST CSF/CIS18 Guidance, Plan & Tools that help you measure your current Cyber disposition against leading world-class security frameworks
· Cyber Insurance Review and Guidance. No security program is complete without appropriate cyber insurance policies to protect your company when a security event occurs. We model a cyber insurance policy specific to your needs with the help of a renowned Cyber Insurance firm and broker.
· VOIP/UCaaS Advisory Review ensures your voice services are reviewed for good security posture. Many companies forget to review this. We will help you through the process to ensure your voice systems are secure, and we’ll also guide you through choosing a new voice provider if necessary.
· Data Policies Review & Policy Templates. We provide templates to help your company implement standard security policies organization-wide.
· Assigned Service Delivery Manager to help manage your account needs, ensure optimal alignment with all tools and services, and provide security reviews and guidance on a regular basis
· Monthly Operating Report gives valuable insight on all of your endpoints security events and tracks the overall plan and roadmap for your account
· Quarterly Cyber Readiness Tests provide an assessment, score, and recommendations for the continued maintenance of optimal Cyber Hygiene.
· The Daily Threat Brief provides visibility into relevant stories,incidents, and patches.