A complete analysis to identify potential risks within your company’s network-connected environments

Cyber Risk Diagnostic

A risk assessment in cyber security is the first step to safely securing your company’s digital presence.

The goals of our Cyber Risk Diagnostic™ are to run a full spectrum analysis of your system and to also analyze any potential pain points.

The Diagnostic will then reveal pinpoint adjustments, designed to bring your defenses up to optimal efficiency.

Cyber Risk Diagnostic™ is an on-site, approximately 8-hour evaluation with a Secure Cloud Shield™ Field Engineer, and it takes place in four simple steps, as shown at the bottom of this page.

Our Cyber Risk Diagnostic includes the following:

1. Network & environment evaluation

2. Discussion on systems currently in place and areas in which to improve

3. Brief education on the various security tools 

4. Review of all options available and the related costs as well (know exactly what you can do and when it can be done)

5. Validation of the current posture & investments and identification of all critical assets requiring protection

6. Review of any automation and cost-saving opportunities that Secure Cloud Shield™ can provide

CRD Sequencing

Once you schedule a Cyber Risk Diagnostic™, we’ll begin the risk assessment process, following these four steps:

1. Complete questionnaire & examination of site

2. Evaluate current environment with CRD tools

3. Conduct short interviews with key employees

4. Perform a Compliance Review with appropriate managers